Be the Church
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Currently, there are no positions available.

Volunteer Oportunities
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Volunteer Coordinator
Responsible for recruiting, informing, placing, and equipping church volunteers for all areas of church function.
Youth Activities Assistant
Helps coordinate and oversee extracurricular youth activities.
Events Coordinator
Responsible for creating, and planning church-wide events outside normal worship services.
Media Assistant
Assists with sound, audio recording of sermons, and video as needed.
Must be personable and willing to greet congregants at the door prior to service, and in sanctuary. Able to answer basic questions about the church if needed, offer curbside umbrella assistance when raining, and obtain contact information of guests.
Must be a member in good standing to apply.
Discovering Your Spiritual Gift
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God equips all persons with natural abilities, and every believer with a spiritual gift(s) to use for the growth and edification of His church. In Romans 12:1-2, the believer's basic response to God's grace demonstrated in Jesus Christ is to offer themselves completely to Him as "living sacrifices." This constitutes, Paul asserts, our spiritual act of worship, "having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them" (v. 6 [NKJV]).

Feel free to speak with the pastor or your deacon if you know your gift(s) and are urged by the Holy Spirit to use them in the church.

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