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Sunday Morning Bible
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We welcome you to join us for study in God's word every Sunday morning.

Sunday morning Bible study (Currently in Proverbs)
9:45 AM to 10:45 AM

Sunday morning worship and preaching
11:00 AM

Men meet downstairs in the fellowship hall classroom. Women meet upstairs in the sanctuary.

Sunday Evening Bible Timeline
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Sunday evenings we have begun a new study that involves a modular Bible timeline. Each module of study that includes Scripture exposition, takes you through God's plan for the ages from Genesis to Revelation. This is a committed and lengthy study that will deepen and enrich your Biblical worldview.

Sunday night, 6 to 7 PM

Wednesday Bible & Prayer
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Wednesday evening is a special time for prayer and Bible study and discussion. We choose a particular book of the Bible and go through it together verse by verse. Q & A and comments are encouraged. At times we talk spirtual need and God's working in your life. Please join us for group study in God's word, and for corporate prayer time.

Wednesday Night, 6 to 7 PM (Currently in Romans)

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